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Esophageal Stent DANIS SEAL

  • Removable stent for treatment of esophageal leaks and ruptures
  • Large diameter with optimum length and expansion force
  • Durable silicone covering
  • Special anti-migration design

Basic Description

Esophageal Stent Danis Seal is designed to give maximum support  to assist in healing leaks.
Special innovative features make this stent the choice for this special indication.


Treatment of esophageal or gastric leakage from:

  • Anastomotic wound dehiscence (esophagectomy, gastric bypass)
  • Esophageal ruptures / perforations (spontaneous rupture - Boerhaave’s syndrome; iatrogenic rupture / perforation occurring during esophageal dilations, endoscopic manipulations, traumatic esophageal ruptures due to blunt thoracic trauma)
  • Patients presenting with delayed esophageal or gastric leakage (to avoid esophageal diversion). The stenting is associated with decortication and muscle flap reinforcement

Features and Benefits

  • Variable pitches in stent weaving and wide diameter of the stent / Reduced migration
  • Atraumatic stent ends / Safety of use
  • Radiopaque markers at both stent ends and at the midpoint / Accurate stent positioning
  • Retrieval loops made of medical grade alloy at both stent ends / Simple endoscopic stent removal with ELLA Extractor
  • Durable silicone covering / High mechanical durability and acid resistance


  • Patients unable to pass endoscopy
  • Esophageal, lung, tracheal and laryngeal malignancies or lymphoma producing non-healing leaks
  • Non-viable / necrotic jejunal conduit forming gastric bypass
  • Completely separated anastomosis

MRI Safety Information

  • The product is MRI Conditional, compatible with 1.5-Tesla and 3-Tesla magnetic field.

Additional description

Wide diameter of the stent aids optimal grip on esophageal wall. Durable silicone covering with internal-smooth / external-roughened surface. Smart wire pattern and flared ends reduce potential migration. Narrow uncovered rims of the stent enable mucosal ingrowth for sealing stent-tissue interspace. Durable metallic retrieval loops facilitate stent removal.


Danis Seal
Danis Seal
Danis Seal

Available Sizes

Ref No.
Esophageal Stent Danis Seal Delivery system
Stent flares
diameter [mm]
Stent body
diameter [mm]
length [mm]
length [cm]
diameter [F]
019-11-25-13530251357528 / 18
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