SX-ELLA Stent Colorectal - ENTERELLA
  • Easy deployment
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Atraumatic stent ends
  • Smooth alignment around flexures

Basic Description

SX-ELLA Stent Colorectal (Enterella) is selfexpandable nitinol stent in „PULL“ delivery system. Enterella stent conforms well to the difficult anatomic structures. The stent is designed for traversing of malignant strictures affecting the rectum, sigmoid colon or distal part of descending colon and for treatment of coloenteral and/or colovesical fistulas.


Enterella is indicated for palliative treatment of the inoperable obstructions or strictures caused by malignant tumors which affect the rectum, the colon sigmoideum, the descending colon or aboral part of the transverse colon. It may also be used for preoperative decompression prior to surgical resection.


  • Bowel perforation
  • Severe ascites
  • Peritoneal abscess
  • Severe coagulopathy
  • Enteral ischemia
  • Placement of intestinal obstruction / stricture outside the anatomic structures defined in the "Indications"

Features / Benefits

  • Atraumatic stent ends / Effective prevention of trauma to the bowel wall
  • Excellent flexibility / Precise alignment around anatomical curves
  • Radiopaque markers at both stent ends and at the mid-point / Improved visibility / Accurate stent positioning
  • Plastic repositioning loop / Possibility of stent repositioning within five days of implantation

Additional Description

15 F (5.08 mm) delivery system, available in a standard length of 95 cm (135 cm lengths are available on request). Radiopaque, atraumatic tip of the delivery system. Designed for use with 0.035" (0.89 mm) guide wires.


Figure no. 1

Enterella Colorectal

Figure no. 2 - Delivery system 15F

Enterella Colorectal_delivery system


Enterella Colorectal
Enterella Colorectal
Enterella Colorectal

Available Sizes

Uncovered Stent
Stent nominal
diameter [mm]
Stent nominal
length [mm]
019-05-22-08222 82
019-05-25-08225 82
019-05-30-07530 75
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