Our company is Safe Enterprise! For the fourth time!

Our company received the "Safe Enterprise" award. ELLA-CS defended and won the certificate for the fourth time in a row!

What is a Safe Enterprise Certificate

The "Safe Enterprise" is a motivational program and a corporate award of the same name. It is annually announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in cooperation with the State Labor Inspection Office. The "Safe Enterprise" program aims to increase the level of occupational health and safety, including environmental protection, for SBUs and large enterprises as well, thereby achieving a higher level of work culture and well-being and

The verification of the compliance of the OSH management system introduced in the legal entity with the requirements of the “Safe Enterprise” program verifies the functionality of the system within all processes and activities carried out in the company. It is also based on the results of inspections carried out by the competent authorities of the state administration (CEI, Fire Rescue Service, Hygiene institute etc.).

The "Safe Enterprise" program is guaranteed by the State Labor Inspection Office, which considers the promotion and implementation of the "Safe Enterprise" program to be a priority in the legal entities for which it is designated.

"Safe Enterprise" Awards Ceremony in Opava, May 28, 2019

Tomáš Bedřich is taking over the award
Tomáš Bedřich is accepting congratulations for winning the
Taking over the award
Taking over the award
ELLA-CS wins again the
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